Meet the Artist

Hey, that's me over there! Your friendly Butterfly Emporium artist. I am the one who is responsible for the A to Z of this shop! That's right, it's a one woman show.

Some of you may already know me from the creative groups I participate in on Facebook (Hey friends!) or other social media outlets. I belong to jewelry making groups as well as ceramic and pottery groups.

For those of you who are new around here, welcome - please pull up a chair, I am glad you are here!

As a lone artist I am happy to offer you a one-on-one relationship with "me" the artist. By following along in my day to day life you will get a behind the scenes tour of my process of creation, what goes into making all the items you see. You will also get a unique perspective from me, my story, and my extensive experience; not only from the art of design, but also the historical and cultural significance of many of the styles I create, tools and techniques I use. 




From the items I carry you can expect a few things, they will be: HandcraftedNon-Toxic and Made in the USA.

Let me take a moment and define why I think these are important

  • Handcrafted - Each piece you will find in my shops are handmade by my two hands. I do not use mass manufactured methods, I WILL NOT sell you mass manufactured beads or jewelry making components. I am an artisan. 
  • Non-Toxic - By handmaking my products every step of the way, I can gaurantee what goes into them and their toxicicity. Although there are US regulations for ceramics - ceramics that are manufactured in undeveloped regions or outside the US may contain lead. When you buy from me, you do not have to worry about what you put against your skin!
  • Made in the USA -  The supplies I use in creating my ceramic beads and fiber arts are sourced from only within the US. This includes, locally dug clay and glaze components as well as plant and animal fibers. I am proud to support my local economy as well as my community.




I have always been an artist, I have always had eclectic tastes, I have always loved to create. Early on, I chose to set aside art in lieu of more "lucrative" and "promising" endeavors. I completed a decade worth of formal education. I didn't have anyone to tell me - "It is okay to rock the boat", "You can go ahead and take the road less traveled by", " You are free to chase the butterflies". I had to figure that out for myself. 

Today, I am following my passion - a passion to create, to share beauty and to educate. (Oh yeah and my furry companions help too!). 

What is  important - I don't want you to make the same mistake I did - that is my personal goal.

I do not want YOU to feel inadequate by the things people say,  to feel out of sync with your creativity - I want to inspire you, to be the youiest-you that you can be. 

If you take nothing else from what I share, other than a little confidence in yourself or ambition to do something that you enjoy, then that is enough for me.

By being creative you are contributing to an art movement unique to our times. A movement never seen before, and that will never be seen again - I encourage you, to make your mark in it.



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