Worktable Wednesday #1 for 2015


Today has been an absolutely lovely and peaceful day. Cold weather, sunny sky and a touch of snow on the ground. Now this, is winter the way I like it.  

I woke up early, and managed to get a lot done. packaging orders on the way out, and working in the studio. My studio is a mess right now, I think it is time for my weekly studio cleanup already! In my studio, all it takes is one productive day to make it look like a disaster! How many are with me here?

Today, I was rolling out a mess. It felt good to get my hands dirty, though I still am fighting a seemingly never healing cut on my finger (kind of hard to heal when you work with your hands everyday).It's been a pain.  

I got some nice earring pairs and focals cut out of my slabs. just waiting to dry and sponge now.These circle focals will be a few more butterflies. The earring pairs will probably be more urban decay.

Guess I will have to wait and see what the clay wants. 


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