Making Owl Charms


This month I wanted to make Owl Charms. Lately owls have been a big trend. I like owls, whether they are trendy or not. They certainly are a unique creature. For those of you who are already familar with my beads, you already know I love birds! 

In looking for inspiration to create owls, I turned first to the internet. Google Image search "owl pictures" turned up many adorable owl pictures. 

This photo from all about birds  (an awesome site with lots of information on all types of birds!) shows a Barred Owl sitting on a branch. I like the form of this body. The way it sits to the side, but with it's head is facing the side of it's body. I also like the concept of an owl with a more realistic appearance. In my experience most of the owls you see depicted in art are Horned Owls. Horned Owls are amazing, but, what is the beauty in what we are overlooking? The lovely rounded head sharp beak, deep set eyes. What isn't there to love about all the other types of owls?!

While sometimes I do sketch a bit when I get an idea in my mind. In this instance I broke out the clay and just went to town. I came up with two different variations. A left facing tail/body and a right facing tail/body. I thought they were super cute. I added nichrome wire (nickle chromium wire that does not melt in the kiln) for the wired charm portion.

If you are familiar with my rustic birds you will notice a detail here that I carried through. The front feathers. I love the impression of the front feathers in my birds!

Super cute I think!

Here they are all glazed ready to go in the kiln! I went with glaze colors at random, having made enough of a variety that people could pick and choose their favorites. 

Take a look at my post October's Bead of the Month for the final result!


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