Kiln Opening #1 for 2015





I'm pretty excited today. First off, it's snowing! It's the first snow of the year. We haven't had any snow since before Thanksgiving (two days and it all melted away). Which, is really weird for Michigan. When I moved back here I was really looking forward to long cold winters and piles of snow. Call me crazy, but I love the snow! Sure beats the blistering heat. 

Secondly, and probablly the most exciting for everyone, today was the first kiln opening of 2015. Yippee! It turned out better than I ever expected.


While I'm still sorting out the website, I figured I might as well throw a batch in the kiln. I always have beads in various stages of drying, glazing and sorting. No use in not being productive while working on the website.

I'm not sure when I will get around to taking pictures of all the new goodies and listing, but I promise you, you will not be disappointed. This is just a sneak peak.

I will more than likely split my listings between the new site and my old etsy site. I'll make sure to make an update blog post when I do.


These fresh out of the kiln pieces look so fantastic! I always say that, but I feel that every time I open the kiln I've outdone myself again!

As you can tell, these pretties are Butterfly Emporium exclusives. They are also all limited edition. Each one is unique in size, thickness and coloration. Some of them are shaped more organically, while others are near perfectly round. Sizes range from 35 mm to 45 mm. Price will be 12$ each. This is just a handful of the collection.

A studio with the name of Butterfly Emporium, of course has to have butterfly beads! These are afterall, what I have been making since the beginning, and what I am most famous for.

These butterflies along with many more different variations that I will have between now and summer 2015 are based around the theme of "Urban Decay". As you can see they have a distressed look to them. Some resembled worn paint while others resemble rust and water stains.



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