Happy New Year 2016



Happy New Year! 

I am so happy to be starting out what I hope will be another wonderful year. I am not doing a bead of the month for January 2016 as I am taking a little R&R vacation (Reorganize & Remodel). I am still working on fixing up my studio as I couldn't finish everything during the busy holiday season - we all need a break sometimes

I want to take time today to talk about something that matters very much to me, ( and should to you too); that is... LIVING. Obviously it matters very much to me, if it didn't I wouldn't be writing this right now. It means a very lot to all of us - because right now we are all doing it on some level or another. Moreso, I would like to talk about the QUALITY of life you are living.

When I refer to quality of life, I do not mean, your physical surroundings.I also do not mean, your socioeconmic status; If you are rich or poor or somewhere in between. I do not mean your level of education. I do not mean your health. I do not mean your realationships with others. What I mean, is that I want to talk about your life, and your realationship with yourself. 

Every year... when the time comes to bid an old year goodbye...  people like to talk about "goals" they completed or didn't. People like to make resolutions for the coming year (more goals). People focus so much on what they accomplished the previous year, or what they want to accomplish in the new year- that they forget they are LIVING TODAY.

We all have nostalgic past thoughts, we all have troublesome times, and in turn, we all have dreams and aspirations for the future; BUT they shouldn't rule our lives.

For the new year maybe you should jot down things from the past that you would like to move on from or accept (death of a loved one, broken relationship) and maybe you should make new goals and aspirations for this year (lose weight, have more quality time with the family). Maybe you should and maybe there are things in your life that need evaluation.

What are you doing right now? What would make you enjoy your life right this moment. What would make you feel like you are living? This is the quality of life I am talking about. This is what you should be focused on every single day.

Right now, I am wearing crazy colorful socks that make me happy. You know the kind that make people lift a brow, or roll their eyes at your kookieness artful way of dressing. I am drinking a cup of hot cocoa. I am cuddled up in a blanket with my cat snuggled up next to me. If I pull myself away from this (huge emphasis on the "if") I may go play around in my studio and work on sorting all the stuff I unpacked to organize or I might do a crossword puzzle. 

What I want YOU to do, is to embrace your quality of life today.

Do it today!

Do it for you!

What are you waiting for?! 

Wear your fun socks! 

Drink the Hot Cocoa!

Cuddle the Cat!

LIVE YOUR LIFE by your terms, whatever that may be. Just actually live it and quit thinking about it and talking about it.





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