Bead of the Month!















This month is an exciting month for me. This month is the very first month I am doing the "Bead of the Month". 

I know, you're probablly wondering, what the heck is that? 

It is EXACTLY what it sounds like, and SO much more!


Here's what you can expect from my Bead of the Month:


  • A new bead design every single month

This means, something original and new. Something I have either never done before, or a new spin on an old idea. This gives me a chance to really be creative and have fun every single month.

  • The new bead design will be released on the first of every month

Be ready on the first to get first dibs on the new design.

  • The new design will be hand formed- not molded, EVER

Although I do make my own mold designs for some pieces that I make, and I do not use commerical molds or stamps in my work absolutely ever, this is a chance for me to make wonderful unique handmade pieces and a chance for you to receive a one of a kind hand formed piece.

  • The new design will be limited time, as supplies last! 

This doesn't mean I won't make some variation of this design in the future, it just means - get them while they're in stock! No telling when they will or if they will ever come back once they sell out.






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