BALC 2016 Blog Hop - Part 2 of 3



BALC 2016 Blog Hop – Part 2 of 3

This is the second part of a three part blog hop for the Build a Line Challenge by B'Sue Boutiques. The focus of the Build a Line Challenge is to get artists to create a minimum of a five piece jewelry line in 3 months. Part two of this blog hop continues to follow each artist as they work on their line for the challenge, describing their design influences, lessons learned from prior work they have and whether or not they consider themselves to be a hobbyist, a maker or a production designer or if they aspire to be something else.

If you have not yet had a chance to explore part one of this blog hop, you can start here.

If you would like to follow along you can visit the artist's blogs at the end of this post. The blog hop will take place Jan. 29th, Feb. 26th & Apr. 1st.



Hey all & Welcome!


It's that time again- time to share more of what I have been working on for my jewelry line. I've been really excited to participate in this challenge thus far and have found it to be a great learning experience. How do you like my 60's Pop art inspired photo? It's ergh.. erm... interesting? Well at least it's not the worst picture I've ever had.

Now on to the good stuff!

As I mentioned in part one of this blog hop, this challenge is a diversion from what I normally create. While my usual style tends to be folk art inspired, this time I chose to work completely out of my comfort zone with a vintage / retro 1960's theme. This theme is not the earthy, organic, hippie style of the 60's but rather the geometric, minimalistic, futuristic Mod style of the 60's

Over the last month, since blog hop part 1, I have been busy toiling away creating more fun geometric shaped ceramic beads like the ones I shared in the last blog hop and I have started to put together bits and pieces of what will be part of my line. Plus a few more top secret designs I am holding out on until the final reveal.


Here they are again, in case you forgot (as if you could)

And, after the challenge I will be offering some of these fun beads in my etsy shop – so you can make your own cool jewelry designs with them too!

Here are some pictures of me wiring beads in advance - by doing it this way I can keep track of how much wire I have so I don't run out. I can also organize my pre wired beads so I know how many of each color I need to make. (Uh oh... it looks like my purple stock is low!)

Remember those shiny brass circlets I shared in part one? Is that one of my B'Sue Boutiques circlets with Swellegant Darkening Patina?!

Remember I mentioned I might do a ceramic reproduction of milk glass? That is what I am wiring in this first picture. Neat huh? Totally 60's. I could do a full line in that! ( When will this inspiration end?!)



My Design Influences


I often find that my designs are influenced by art. Specifically my designs are influenced by art throughout history rather than jewelry designs or contemporary fashion.

This is true both with my folk art work as well as my line for this challenge.


The Mod style of the mid to late 1960's was greatly influenced by Pop Art and Op Art (Optical art)as well as the Avant Garde and Minimalist movements.

Here are some examples of these art styles from Pinterest and also how they were used in fashion during the 60's.


The bold colors and strong shapes are what have inspired me to create this line and have also inspired additional sub-lines that I hope to create in the future.

Some notable artists from the 1960's include:


Andy Warhol

Roy Lichtenstein

Bridget Riley

James Rosenquist

Nikki de Saint Phalle

Robert Indiana


With so much talent I could create a sub-line inspired by each artist! Actually, I just might!



Are you a fan of these art forms?

Pop Art, Op Art, Avante Garde or Minimalism? Does this sort of art inspire you?

If not – what style or historical era of art are you inspired by?

Tell me about it in the comments!


Hobbyist? Jewelry Maker?...or, Production Designer? - What Am I?


Coming into this challenge I thought of myself as a hobbyist or a small time jewelry maker. I have a foot and an arm in the door to branching out and would like to be able to add a line of jewelry to sell alongside my ceramic and fiber arts. This challenge is a way for me to take my ability forward. Although I am happy with being a ceramic and fiber artist, sharing my creations with the world – I want to play with those creations too!


I'm excited that this last month I will finally get to complete my line and share it all with you.

I'm going to be working really hard to finish up my line and I hope, it inspires you to work on your creative projects, or get started on one that you have been putting off.

There's no day like today!


Come back and see the reveal in part 3 April 1st (no I'm not fooling you - it REALLY is on the 1st!)

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Cool Blog!!! Looks really

Cool Blog!!! Looks really interesting . I am looking forward to viewing your line as this was the era of my youth and its very exciting to see you tackling it...Great Job!!!

Ah Twiggy!

Love your beautiful beads and inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of your creative process. I look forward to seeing your line in the next post :)

Awesome Blog!

Loved reading your blog. You had me completely entertained and you recapped the class content beautifully. Those beads are gorgeous. I know a beautiful line is but a "hop" away! Well done. I enjoyed being here with you, Diana!

Love your beads and your

Love your beads and your inspiration! Looking forward to seeing your completed line. Ingrid

Great blog post Diana and its

Great blog post Diana and its so cool to see your handmade beads and what you are creating.

Loved your blog

I am very excited to see what you create. Your beads are beautiful. Thank you for sharing some history about the design style you have chosen, I believe it is making a come back. It looks like your right on track! ;D

Oh, those 60's colors are

Oh, those 60's colors are pretty. I'll be back for your finale.

Turn On & Tune In

Fab insight into your line development and groovy inspiration! The pop art inspiration paired with ceramic beads and 60's colors evokes the spirit of Joan Miro. Brava! Looking forward to your line reveal!

Love where you are going with

Love where you are going with this! Its so fun to see how the pics from the 60's really are timeless. Cant wait for the reveal!

A Perfet Post Again

Beautifully done and so well thought out! Your line is gonna rock! Go for it and take it to the limit!

XOXO B'sue

Fantastic Blog

What a GREAT Blog Diana .. so much fun .. the pictures take me back to the 60's .. looking forward to seeing your reveal .. Jann

Love the art influence

Love your beads and excited to see how you work them into your line. Your art influences with geometry are inspirational.

BALC hop 2

Hi Diana, I absolutely love your idea of the 60's. You have so many different directions this line could take you. Can't wait to see what you do with all those beads. Keep having fun, that is what really matters. If you don't enjoy it, don't do is too short.

These are going to great.

These are going to great. Love the colors. Your blog was entertaining.

Oh my! Very well written,

Oh my! Very well written, Diana!! Love your beads and Looking forward to seeing your completed line!! :)

~ Catherine S.

Lovin' the Swingin' Sixties

I was a young girl in the 60s - as a kid I loved the colors and shapes - and now I am old enough to understand and appreciate the innovative design of that era. Glad to see somebody using it as their theme! If you're interested in Warhol, read "Edie", an account of Edie Sedgwick's reign as the "it" girl and her adventures with Andy's crowd.. It's an interesting look into how these people lived - and managed to make history while heavily under the influence of LSD... amazing that they pulled it off!

I love where you are going

I love where you are going with this line. Your beads are beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished line.

Diana I just lpove your

Diana I just lpove your cheerful color pallet that would make a anyone's day a little brighter. I kind of love all the different jewelry eras their all have something intriguing and I spring about them. I can't wait to see your line comes to life in the reveal! XOXO!

Balc 2016

Hi Diana,
Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to seeing your new line but I really like what you are doing now. You are really talented.


Great Blog Diana!
You have me very curious to what you're creating! I'm a big fan of Mod/optical art too. Especially the color palettes.
I enjoy being in class with you. Can't wait till your reveal.


Those ceramic beads are groovy! I especially enjoyed the pictures you posted of the Pop & Op-helps to connect us all with the line you're working on.

Love it

I love your theme idea, looking forward to your reveal.

Great blog post, Diana! I

Great blog post, Diana! I was in high school in the mid to late 60s, so I'M really looking forward to seeing your reveal!

Love your blog. Great

Love your blog. Great pictures of the past ! Looking forward to seeing your completed line!

Great Blog!

Thank you Diana for a wonderfully energetic blog post. Can't wait to see your finished pieces!

I love the ceramic beads,

I love the ceramic beads, they fit your theme perfectly.


Your beads are lovely. You touched on all aspects of the challenge and gave us a clear picture of your direction. I am so interested in your approach artistically.

Oh the 60's. Can't wait to

Oh the 60's. Can't wait to see your finished projects.

balc 2

What a wonderful blog,love the beads and so many possibilities. I am looking forward to seeing your final jewlery reveal.

Pop 60's

I like the 60's pop art. Love to see how you are inspired by the art and artists in that time. Look forward to see your line.

Well Done!

I grew up during the late sixties and the seventies. I am very interested in seeing your line of jewelry during the final blog!!! I love your beads.... and what a great idea to make beads that look like milk glass!.

Very cool!

Loved reading your post, Diana, and your beads are groovy! ;) I was a kid in the '60s, and I'm looking forward to seeing your whole line.

The op arts--Mary Quant,

The op arts--Mary Quant, Peter Max, Andy Warhol--are some of my favorite art of the 60's, and a great influence on my love of graphics. It will be interesting to see how your influential designers will reflect and affect your designs. Fun read!


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