BALC 2016 Blog Hop - Part 1 of 3

BALC 2016 Blog Hop – Part 1 of 3


This is the first part of a three part blog hop for the Build a Line Challenge by B'Sue Boutiques. The focus of the Build a Line Challenge is to get artists to create a minimum of a five piece jewelry line in 3 months. Part one of this blog hop is a brief intro to each artist, their style of jewelry making and what theme they have chosen to make for their jewelry line. If you would like to follow along you can visit their blogs at the end of this post. The blog hop will take place Jan. 29th, Feb. 26th & Apr. 1st.







Hey all & Welcome!







That's me over there, Diana Buynak – hanging out in my studio. Even though I'm primarily a ceramic artist I'm participating in this challenge to make my own line of jewelry. I surely don't need an excuse to make jewelry – I love it! But, it's definitely nice to set aside time in my busy schedule to focus on creating something totally new.


Who doesn't need that in their life?!








In the past, the jewelry I have made has been folk art inspired; flowers, birds, nature and bright colors. (There is no mistaking the fact that I love color, the more colorful the better!)


These elements are often the focus of my ceramic work – especially my butterflies (where it all began.)





For this challenge I wanted to do something a little bit different than my usual style, to experiment with my love of color, my passion for culture and history.

I think it is essential for every artist to experiment and expose themselves to new ideas from time to time, this is how we grow and challenge ourselves. What do you think?







My Theme


For this challenge I have chosen to go Vintage / Retro 1960's. My inspiration for this period leaning more specifically to the Mod style of the late 1960's.


Every period throughout history is memorable for it's own special reasons. Some are rife with controversy, others charged with movement. The 60's was a time of change, a cacophony of style – more than enough style for a dozen different lines of jewelry. My creative juices are overflowing with possibilities, aren't yours?


Here is a glimpse of the Mod fashion style from Pinterest





Elements of 60's Mod Style included:


geometric prints

bright colors


geometric shapes


pop art / op art inspired



What are your favorites?

Did you live it?

What was the most memorable about this time period for you?

Tell me about it in the comments!


My Supplies



Colorful Geometric shaped ceramic beads

Ebony Brass

& more!



For this challenge I have decided to recreate the look of geometric plastic beads with ceramic. I've already got a head start on this process. Now, I just have to decide on the final colors!


Here's some of the trial beads I have made so far. Pretty awesome huh?


I will be offering these fun geometric shapes in my Etsy shop after the challenge is completed. Imagine the possibilities!


From B'Sue Boutiques I will be using Ebony Brass. (If you haven't used it yet - what are you waiting for?! It looks awesome!)

I think it compliments the bright colored beads best of all. I will also be using circlets in addition to my ceramic beads. 

(By now you can probably guess, there will be an eruption of geometric shapes in my line. *Smiley face* )

For components that are not available in ebony brass I will be using Swellegant Darkening Patina.



The look that I am going for will be a modern twist on vintage Mod.


Other supplies


These are some of the elements I may or may not use. I will see how it goes and if I can incorporate them!


Milk glass (or a ceramic reproduction made by me)

Screwback earring posts (If you know where to find them leave me a message in the comments!)

And more from B'Sue Boutiques:

Filigree beads

Brass flowers

Sari ribbon


Could I ever resist the use of fiber in my jewelry?! I don't think so.


I'm excited for this challenge. I'm going to jump in and get my creative on - I hope that you will too!

Come back and read Part 2 of the BALC Blog hop February 26th!


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at Butterfly Emporium on Etsy


To pick up some of your own awesome components from B'Sue Boutiques click here.



Follow along with the hop!



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Love your theme and colors so

Love your theme and colors so far. Can't wait to see more!

Blop Hop Post

Love your theme. I graduated from high school, got married, and had my first child in the '60s. The world was moving so fast. Your ceramic beads certainly reflect that period. Have fun.

Think Your Blogging Style is Just Awesome...

Can't wait to read more and see the fun things you're going to make. Your beads are gorgeous!


This is looking like so much fun! Yes I lived it, was a Mod, ironed my hair trying to look like Marianne Faithful, and wore miniskirts and then after that maxi skirts. All fun! Can't wait to see what you create!

Butterfies all around.

Great Blog Diana.
Your theme is great! You get to make some great pieces from the 60's. I grew up then, and loved the color that was everywhere, and all the mid-mod styles.
Looking forward to seeing your work!

I was born in 1956. Yes I

I was born in 1956. Yes I recognized Twiggy from your Pinterest post and I wore GoGo boots way back in the day! This line is going to be delightful. Your work is a creative explosion. I am so excited to see where this theme takes you. One thing is certain: it is going to be incredible. And your blog is terrific, too! Kudos for a job well done. Can't wait to read the next installment on February 26th!

What a fun line you have

What a fun line you have chosen! I loved the 60's. I look forward to seeing your interpretation of this time in your jewelry.

Yeah, Baby!

I just wanted to say it has been nice getting to know you more through this class and that I love your beads. What a wonderful idea for a theme! Looking forward to seeing your line groove to life!!!

What a wonderful idea! Love

What a wonderful idea! Love the vibrant colors of this style and am looking forward to seeing your pieces.

Love Your Blog

Great blog Diana, I love that you are bringing back the 60's psychedelic, retro colors and patterns. I can't wait to see your new line. My mom was a flower child from the late 60's to early 70's. She use to wear all kinds of beaded chokers, fringe and seed beads which they called love beads, not sure why. Anyway you have a lot of choices. Your beads that you make are beautiful. It is a pleasure being on the BALC with you.

What fabulous colors!! love

What fabulous colors!! love the 60's theme . This is going to be a lot of fun for you to play with :)

Diggin Your Blog!

Great theme you have chosen Diana. I grew up wearing those psychedelic colors and like Susan said, Go Go boots. I'm diggin what I see. Look forward to your line. Peace out until next time.

can't wait to see what you do

can't wait to see what you do with this theme. Such a great theme!

A Perfect Blog Post, A+++ for YOU! And Love the Thought Process

You knocked it out of the park, Diana....I know this line will be awesome.

Great Blog Diana .. looking

Great Blog Diana .. looking forward to our adventure together and seeing everything you create ..

Great line. Love the colors

Great line. Love the colors and the theme. Beautiful work.

Great line. Love the colors

Great line. Love the colors and the theme. Beautiful work.

This should be fun

I think your theme is great and am looking forward to seeing what you do with all of it.

How fun! Back to the 60's

How fun! Back to the 60's with a little style change. Can't wait to see your line.

Love the color!

Your colors and geometric shapes are great! Very cheerful!

Wonderful blog post, Diana.

Wonderful blog post, Diana. Your ceramic beads are fabulous, and I'm excited to see how you incorporate everything into your line.
I was in junior high and high school during the 60s, graduating in '67. SO many things we still weren't allowed to do because we were female, wore mini skirts, the bright colors, big hoop earrings, participated in a couple protests in college, etc. All I can say is, "We've come a long way, baby!"

Great post, Diana! You're

Great post, Diana! You're going to have such a great line .... I was just a kid in the '60s, but I well remember the bright colors, geometric patterns, and the groovy jewelry. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your new line, and it's nice to be in class with you!

Groovy theme, girlfriend. I

Groovy theme, girlfriend. I love the look and I love the colors. I can't wait to see what you create

I was ten in 1969, but we

I was ten in 1969, but we were trying to imitate the other girls with our mini skirts, go go boots and bell bottoms! Our family moved to Chicago in 1964, so we were here for the 1968 Democratic Convention riots. I can remember my mom watching TV and saying we had moved into hell! 50 years later she was still in the same house... lol! Looking forward seeing your line develop!

What a fun idea! Loved the

What a fun idea! Loved the blog, and I am really anxious to see your line. I enjoy wearing that style of jewelry in the summer especially. Wishing you success!


Great blog and love the theme! I remember the bright 60's plastic jewelry....and even had a flower paper dress! Can't wait to see what your line will include.

love your beads!

Great beads and great post.

Blog hopalicious

LOVE your designs with fiber and color! Your beads are soo cool and the idea to use ebony brass to make them pop is wonderful! Can't wait to see the results! I know it's going to be gorgeous!

Yeah, baby...

Totally LOVE your retro theme and awesome post! I can't wait to see what you come up with. x

Blog Hop 1

The line you have chosen suits you. Yes, I lived through the 60's and the best part of that time for me were all of the bright colors and psychedelic shapes and patterns. The worst part were the short skirts and convincing my mom that wearing bright colors were okay. Have fun with this - and I am eager to see what you come up with.

Wow Exciting!

Diana what a wonderful post! I am very excited to see how you create your line. You have instilled in me great eagerness to see where you end up.

Great blog post! Love seeing

Great blog post! Love seeing all the pictures! Can't wait to see your line!

Darkening patina, yes! One

Darkening patina, yes! One of my favorites. I am a fan of geometric shapes and designs, so I think I will love what you create.

Awesome Theme

Hi Diana, I was born in'67, so I don't remember much of the 60's, but they did have a fashion sense all on its own. Can't wait to see how you incorporate the geometric shapes, colors, and your own beads. Making my own beads is something I would like to try someday. Its been great sharing this class with you.

Your Theme ROCKS!!!

So excited about your theme for your line. Love all of the bright colors, and super excited to see all of the black brass!!!

The perfect theme for you is-

EXACTLY what you chose. I can wait to see all your shapes and colores and textures!

Edit to comment

So sorry! I can't wait.

Groovy, Baby!

Love the sixties! Born in 1961! I remember Twiggy in all the fashion shoots. . .paper dresses. . .Vidal Sassoon. . .what fun! Cannot wait to see what you come up with for this line! How historical and fun!

Unique Perspective

Love your ceramic beads. Your presentation and style are very colorful and Boho-lightful!!


Very excited to see your line.. Love your beads..

2016 BALC

Great idea, combining your two loves like this. Bringing back those memories is fun too. I especially liked the bright metal and plastic flower jewelry back then. Your beads really hit the colors exactly right!

What and awesaom!e blog and I

What and awesaom!e blog and I love you colorful bead creations can't wait to see more! XOXO!

What a fun, fun theme!!!

What a fun, fun theme!!! Nothing else like it in this class. Yours will be the "fun" one to look for.

I grew up in the days of

I grew up in the days of Twiggy and still have the mini dress in lime green Swiss dot my mother sewed for me, although I cannot fit into it anymore, lol! Can't wait t see your 60's retro jewelry come to life!

love your BALC selection

I love your theme , love the colors , butterfly and flowers

I am looking forward to seeing it all put together

Beebs Closet

I loved everything!

I can not wait to visit you during the next blog hop!

Fun Line

this should be such a fun line. The 60's had splashes of color from tie dyed outfits to flowered granny dresses and flower power posters! You have nailed all the key elements! It will be interesting to see what you create!

What a fun idea! I love your

What a fun idea! I love your beads! And I'm curious to see you work the fiber in.

Artistic and Colorful!

Very artistic and colorful! I love your choice of theme, which is very classic and interesting. Excited to see your crafts soon!

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