11-13-15 Shop Update Friday!



Have you seen Friday's shop update yet? Some of you have already snagged up a bunch of my wonderful rectangle bead pairs! If you haven't you should come on over and give it a look. Lot's of Raku goodies! 


Here are some other wonderful beads from this weeks update. The two on the left are multi - wire beads. These are AMAZING for adding little dippity do das to the bottom. These are my absolute favorite to make right now. There will be more in future updates, very soon! I would totally knot on some sari ribbon and chain! The top right is a pair of not so simple tear drop style beads, and the bottom right is another set of sgraffito rectangles. I just heart them! 


Hello. enjoyed checking out

Hello. enjoyed checking out your blog. You have some nice ideas on showing your beautiful beads. Wishing you much success!

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